Urbane NewHaven

We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us - Winston Churchill


here at urbane newhaven, we strive to enrich human experiences and communities, through well-thought-out design, meticulous build and innovative creation. 

with more than two decades of design and development experience, urbane has an established reputation for superior quality and incomparable craftsmanship. 

whether working on ground-up developments, renovations or restoration projects, we strongly believe that the historical architecture has a significant impact on our evolving cityscapes. Not only does it provide community members with a sense of identity, but also provides direct and palpable connections to our past. 

our energy and passion has made urbane a significant force in revitalizing New England's historical architecture. 

metal man.jpg

our ability to see and construct form where there was none, and our expert knowledge on how new construction must fit within the current landscape is what allows us to continue to thrive.


meet the team

eric o'brien - cofounder

carla o'brien - cofounder

ralph sylvester - director of operations

whitney doel- manager of operations

joe barile - senior project manager

robert rapson - project manager

travis burke - assistant project manager

marty tate - site superintendent

dylan hayn - lead designer

james claassen - designer